My name is Janine and I'm a Brazilian photographer based in London since 2017. Before I moved to London, I lived for seven years in Lisbon, where I got both a graduate and a masters degree.

  For me, photography is a  fascinating medium because it is a hybrid sign. It takes traces of reality in a such level of similarity that sight recognizes as real, while its meanings are presented in a subjective way. Real and unreal are displayed embedding each other, creating a kind of "reverie". The unreal that could be the reality, the reality that can be unreal. Who cares? 

  This fantasy presenting elements that sight recognizes as reality, has made photography an extremely powerful sign. A sign that goes straight to our subconscious, affecting our emotions before our cognitive system could notice what is going on. And this is what happens with most of people on planet Earth when they see a photograph. People can tell you some photographs are not reality, but before they come to this conclusion, the photograph has probably seduced them already. 

  I know this is a nerdy conversation, and my pictures look very innocent (and they are) for all these things I'm telling you about photography. I say these things to show you that behind my work there is a curious spirit, always learning, constantly reading. Suggest me a book and I'll like you, suggest me a good book and I'll love you!

    I suppose you have noticed that most of my work is made outdoor and in color, although I also work in a studio, and I love black and white as well. The pictures presented here are very commercial in my point of view, and they meet the needs of my clients.

    In my secret room, I'm creating an artistic personal work that maybe will take me years to finish, and you probably will never recognise it is mine if you see it. 

    Or did you think it was just you that has secrets? 

Photograph  by Nirish Shakya. @nizzah 

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